American Girl Blogger Tag!

So..... I've been obsessed with American Girl YouTube videos and with I've been watching a bunch of tags that everyone does! What are tags you ask??? It's basically a list of questions that I answer! Example, there's a Christmas Tag were some of the questions are "Holly or Ivy?" And you would answer which one you prefer. And there are tags for a billion different things from beauty to a twin tag, theres a lot! Seriously, there is a Netflix Tag but no AG Blogger Tag! And I searched around and there seems to not be an American Girl Blogger Tag so I thought I would start one and if you want to take the tag, you can post it on your blog. It's just a fun little thing I wanted to do! So let's get started!

1. Who is your favorite American Girl of The Year and Why?
 I would have to say Kanani but Saige comes close! I love Kanani because I think it is a different idea than what they always had for American Girl dolls. Like, she lives in Hawaii! How awesome is that? lol But Saige is my second favorite because, again, she looks very different from all the other AG dolls out there! And because she is obsessed with art just like me.

2. Which historical doll is your all-time favorite and which is your least?
 Kit and Caroline are my favorites and............. Wow! It's hard to think of my least favorite! Uhhhh....... Probably Marie-Grace and Cecile, although I do think it's a different and good idea to have two historical dolls best friends. I've never read any of their books yet so I can't say. But yea.

3. If you could create your own Historical American Girl Doll, what would her name be and from what era would she live in?
 Oh! Ok, her name would be Sarah and she would be from the 50's! She would have bleach blonde hair and a ton of freckles, she would live in Wisconsin! Wow, now I really want this doll. Lol

4. Name three of your favorite American Girl Bloggers.
 I lovvvve everyone's blogs, but it says to list three. So #1 is Doll Diaries, #2 is Dolly Dorm Diaries and #3 is Karen Mom of Three.

5. Choose 5 AG bloggers you think would be fun to meet in real life.
 Marisa's American Girl's, Chestnut Street Dolls, Luv of Dolls, Fun with AG Fan and The Salty's. Though, it would be AWESOME if we could all meet! Lol :)

6. What inspired you to start a American Girl blog?
 Well, I read this post that I randomly bumped into on a random American Girl blog and it was sooooooo interesting! I got the chills from it! She had all her American Girl dolls go out on a quest and it was sooo cool looking! I REALLY REALLY wish I could remember the name, but I can not. So sorry guys! :( I searched again but I can't find it. Also, I had a blog from three years ago called Surfer Girl then I changed it to Summer Sunshine, then I stopped blogging for a while, and decided it would be fun to start an American Girl blog! And I have 104 AG posts and counting, and I don't intend on giving up anytime soon. :)

7. What inspires you to keep on blogging?
 The amazing followers and comments that I get from all these amazing American Girl fans! Also, I feel like we are a little community and we are all long distance best friends! lol ;) And to be a part in all this awesomeness is AWESOME! Lol

8. How long too you think you will enjoy AG dolls and enjoy blogging?
 Well, I'm not gonna stop anytime soon like I said earlier, and I don't have a ending day to it, I'll probably stop when I'm old and retired but at that time I'll encourage my grandkids for AG dolls. Hahahahah! It's kind of depressing to think of myself retiring, lol! :D Anyways, what I was trying to say was that I'll probably not stop when I'm older. Hahahaha! ;)

9. Would you ever want to work at a American Girl store?
 Yesssss!!!!!!! Totally! If I move for college, and if it's by an AG store, I am totally getting a job their either styling doll hair or piercing their ears! And then, I'll create a blog about my experiences working at the store! lol

10. Have you ever been to an American Girl store before?
 No, sadly, I haven't. I am probably going to one in Summer, so of course I'll document every second of the entire experience!!!!!!! Lol! :) Ok, probably not EVERY second, you guys probably don't want to sit there in the car for the entire time. ;)

Ok, so here is my tag! :) If this is something that sounds fun for you to answer, go ahead and take it! I'll come to read your post and comment on it! ;) lol Thank you everybody!

Happy Easter!!!!!!


P.S Shout out to my sister's blog AGinohio.blogspot.com. Her blog is having some problem though. It's not showing her images. Is it just our computer or is it doing the same to yours too??? Anyways, check her blog out!


Trying Out Liberty Jane's Trendy Tee Pattern

So recently, I've been in the sewing mood! And  although I had a coupon for Liberty Jane's Patterns, I came across this adorable FREE printable pattern! It's called Trendy Tee (If you wanna look it up on their website!). I tried it out twice so let me know what you think! 

Here is the Turquoise Blue one I made today!  

Here is a zoom up of the sleeve!

Ta Da!

Here is the second one I made which has a cute floral-type print.

Zoom up of the sleeve!

The back!

Side view...

Ta Da! :) 

So what do you think?? Thank you!

-Meghan :)

P.S Shout out to Fun with AG Fan! She just posted a SUPER cute D.I.Y lamp for your American Girl doll! And she even made it light up! Check her AWESOME blog out. :)


Meghan's Top 5 Blogging Tips for a Better Blog

Here are my top 5 tricks for more followers and a better blog! :)

1. Don't apologize! On many blogs that I've seen, they would write a realllly long thing about "Sorry I didn't post in a while!" or "I've been really busy and can't post as often! Sorry guys!". DON'T do that! Your blog is a place were you can document your experiences with your dolls and such. You don't have to post once everyday. I like to set a schedule for myself, at first I said that I would post every other day, now I'm trying to post once or twice a week. Truth is, no one will really even notice if you miss a day. They might notice if you didn't post in a month, but not a week. I have what I call "Side Blogs''. They are my other blogs that I don't post as often on. I don't even worry about it! Girly Doll Type is my "Main Blog". I try to post on this on more often.

2. Don't give your followers a headache! I've seen a few blogs were the text color is bright neon, and maybe you can read it, but I (and elderly people) can't. It's just to bright! So try to keep your text in darker tones (You could do dark purple, blue, pink and a billion other colors ONLY if they are in a darker shade!). :)

3. Don't post things like. "Hi guys I'm bored. Bye." Your not going to get 100,000,000,000 followers with things like that! lol Make them somewhat interesting and fun. :D

4. Pictures, pictures, PICTURES! You don't need a $500.00 dollar camera to take nice pictures, just try to avoid flash on your dolls because it makes their faces white and very dark shadows behind them.
Lighting is important! Try to not take pictures during night because you want as much natural light as possible! (Cloudy days are nice too, because there would be no shadows! And it evens out the lighting!)

See how ghostly I look? That's flash! :(

Just right! I have natural light, and I'm not using flash. (Like my jersey? Today I had my first soccer game! We won 0-8! Yay!)

5. Preview picture! See this post from The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Cove? It's showing their post and it's showing the first picture to the post. When bloggers are looking at others bloggers post, you want a picture that catches your eye. Like, if your first picture is a boring one, truth is, they will think the same about your blog. (That's why I showed the picture I made at the top, to catch your eye! Looks like it worked, right? Lol) Great job catching my eye Dolls of Sweet Nokia Cove! 

(Can you see her picture? This screen shot is small. :/ lol)

I hope these tips helped! :) And don't worry, the bad examples I explained are not ANY of your fabulous blogs. :)


P.S Shout out to The Dolly Trolly's blog! Check it out!


Getting ready for Camp Doll Diaries! Yeah!

Morgan and Kit only have 5 more weeks left of school, the whole class was getting excited for summer! Morgan was on her way to her locker when she bumped into Kit.

"Hi Morgan!" Said Kit. "Hey Kit!"

"So, what are you gonnna do this summer?" Asked Kit. "Oh, well actually I don't have anything planned, what about you?" Said Morgan.

"I'm going to..... 2014 Camp Doll Diaries! I'm so excited! I went to it last year, it was awesome." Answered Kit excitedly. "You should come!" Morgan thought for a while about it.

This IS my first year with the girls. I just moved here this February, maybe it would be fun to go to this camp! Morgan thought.

After talking to my mom about it, I checked out Camp Doll Diaries brochure.

This looks awesome!

Morgan opened it up and read it contently.

Morgan became soooo excited as she read on about this amazing camp!

"I just have to GOOOOOO!!!! This would be my first year!" Morgan shouted.

Morgan was so excited that she was able to join in the fun to Camp Doll Diaries that she began to pack. 

"These are my favorite PJ pants, I have to bring them." Morgan said to herself.

Almost packed....

''Finished! Now I'll just zip this thingy up." She said.

All packed and ready to go!

Doll Diaries, here I come! 

Thanks for reading!

-Meghan and Morgan

P.S Shout out to Marisa's American Girls doll blog.


Sorry it's been soooo long, it's been crazy for me!

I literally took EVERY single thing out of my room. Then I ripped out the carpet. I only had three days to rip it out and to paint the entire room (Including the door and the ceiling!). I had to finish it today because Home Depot is coming in today to..... Install my new carpet! So, I haven't had a break (Besides eating breaks, but those had to be fast so I could get back to painting.) to actually post on my blog. Even if I had the time, all my American Girl things are packed away like the rest of my stuff. I'll get them back out hopefully and probably tomorrow. Plus, on top of that, I have to create a short film! (Which is a long story, but I'm telling you I HAD to make this!) It's due today so I have to finish that too. These past three days has been the most stressful and overwhelming days of my life. Although day 1 to this experience has also been the best day of 2014 so far. Just because I was so excited to work. I was pumped and ready to start! But on day 2, I painted all day and my arms feel like noodles and my back hurt from standing on a chair and leaning back to paint the ceiling. Now I'm on day three and I'm so exhausted. But, now it's time to begin my short film. So I'll post a real and more interesting post then this one soon.

So now, you understand why I didn't post in a while. I had a stressful few days. But at least I found $5 in Home Depot's parking lot! (Believe me, I looked around and nobody was around, I wish I could have figured out who it belonged to!)

I have to go now, but wish me luck on my short film!


P.S Shout out to my cousin's NEW American Girl doll blog. It's called AGfuntime.blogspot.com. Follow her! :)


Frozen Questions I Answered!

These questions are from Never Grow Up's amazing blog! (Be sure to enter her giveaway! It ends March 27th, hurry!)

1. Who is your favorite Frozen character (or characters) and why?

Kristoff and Anna! <3 font="" nbsp="">

   2. Which is your favorite Frozen song (or songs) and why?

Love is an open door and why? Because it's fun to sing! And, of course, Let it Go! I haven't gone a day without singing that song!    

   3. If you could make one change to the movie, what would it be?
If they showed Elsa ruling the kingdom and everyone cheering for her, and make her feel like she is special.    

   4. Would you want to see a Frozen sequel?  What would you want it to be about?
Only if it's a reallllly good sequel. There are some good sequels like Toy Story had good sequels.

   5.  Ice Palace or Arendelle Castle?
Ice palace, although I would add furniture! lol

   6.  If you could choose a sidekick from the movie, would you choose Sven or Olaf?  Why?

Sven! So cute! I lovvvvvvve Olaf (Don't worry) but he would annoy me sometimes because he asks so many questions. But, this is a hard question!    

   7.  Do you think all men pick their noses, as Kristoff claimed?
Duh! Isn't it obvious???   

   8. Which Frozen character is the most like you (or the one you relate to most) and why?  

Anna 100%! We are both awkward, and I feel like I'm the only one who laughs at my own jokes! lol Although, I took a
   9.  How many times have you seen Frozen so far? 
Only once! :( :( But, I'm going to buy it! 

  10.  In keeping with my overall blog theme, ;) which of the Frozen dolls that have been released is your favorite?  (e.g. the Disney Store fashion dolls, Disney Store Disney Animator's Collection and Toddler dolls, Limited Edition Disney Store dolls, Mattel dolls, etc)

Limited Edition Disney Store dolls!

Thanks guys! Be sure to follow her AMAZING blog! 

This amazing picture was drawn by Never Grow Up. She is a outstanding artist! She has talent! Great job! :)



Springtime Photo Shoot With Morgan!

The snow is almost gone, the grass is turning green, the sun is warming me and I can hear the birds chirping, it's Springtime! And because the dolls haven't had much Vitamin D (Provided by being in the outdoors), I decided to do a photo shoot with Morgan. I picked her because I think she is the most photogenic. (Don't tell the other dolls!) Enjoy!

I loooove this!

A bit blurry, but I tried a close up!

Her pretty bow.

Her boots she arrived in. I think they are just right for a spring photo shoot!

Now, I took her hair out for a few photos.

I love this shot!

Side view.

I'm to lazy to edit all these pictures and add my blog's name to them so that people won't steal them, so instead I'll just say "Swiper no swiping!" and that should keep the mean people away! :)

Thanks! Happy Springtime!


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