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 Hey guys! I just wanna say that I am in the middle of redesigning my blog again so that's why it looks the way it looks. lol

By the way, do you like the snow on my blog? I like how slow it is so you can still see my posts. It's not like a huge blizzard. lol


DOLLAWEEN! What my dolls are going for Dollaween.

Halloween is TOMORROW!! Yay! So, about a week ago, I made a video of what all my AG dolls are going for Dollaween. Here is the video!

Happy Dollaween!!! What are you and your dolls going as? 


P.S Shout out to Lord's Girls! She is one of my close blogging friends. :) So check out her awesome blog!


American Girl Doll Haul + We got a new AG DOLL!!!!

Ok. So I'm gonna save the doll for last so she can be the grand finally. I'll give you two hints. She has blond curly hair and she's a Beforever! Ok, now lets get on to the haul!

Here is the outfit. It came with a headband which has a bow, a red sweater with another bow and a black skirt. It didn't come with any shoes, but that's ok. Because this was only $14 dollars! It is a store exclusive. You could only buy it if you paid over $50 dollars for a item.

Here is the bow! It's hard to see, but it's sparkly. 

The sweater!

So cute!

Next item my sister bought.

She got the Easy Breezy Outfit for $38.

Sooooo cute! 

Next I bought the Winter Fun Scene! It was only $12 dollars which is a GREAT deal!

And now, the doll! 

WE GOT.........

Caroline! She is soooo pretty!
I love her eye color!

(Sorry about the shadow)

She is gorgeous but, her hair is curly! Ahhhhh! I would REALLY love if you guys could comment some tips and tricks for curly haired dolls. We have to be super gentle with it!

Thanks guys! Sorry for not posting in a while, I'm going through some stuff and it's like I don't even feel like blogging. I'm trying to blog more often.


P.S Shout out to American Girl Place!


American Girl Store in Columbus!

This is inside the mall, isn't that a cute vintage movie theaters??

So cutttte! :)

Ok, now we are at the AG store..

My older sister loves Kit! She has her when she was little. #ThrowbackThursday! (Except it's not Thursday.... lol)

The Bitty Baby/Beforever section!

I loved Kaya's Pow Wow dress! A Pow Wow is where Native Americans gathered and celebrated and danced to drums! They dressed up fancy like this and painted their faces! I've been to a Pow Wow! lol

Heidi with Isabelle! So stylish!

My American Girl doll section.

And now, some selfies in the car..... Drinken our Taco Bell Slushies! Mountin Dew flavor. Oh yes, we were hyper. Ignore the pictures and craziness. lol

I will post later what we bought so stay tuned!!



Bye Guys!

Byeeee! I'll be back soon! I'm off to the American Girl Store! So excited, but more nervous. I mean, I know AG is for ALL ages, but it will be awkward for me being 14 AND my older teenage sister is bringing one of her friends on this trip with us so she'll find out O.O That will be weird. :(


P.S Shout out to All Things Doll!


Oct 9th! Today is the Meet Up!

If you're like "What Meet-up?" Click HERE.

And know here is yesterday's photo (I'm a little late, lol) Day 8 - Green


And todays! Day 9 - Orange

Orange Pumpkin!

And.... 2 days, 9 hours and 42 seconds till I'm on my way to The American Girl Store!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeee!


P.S Shout out to Inner Star Studio!


American Girl NEW Winter Releases 2014

(These pieces come out tomorrow, Oct. 9th. You will be able to see them in the store then. I found this out from Doll Diaries)

I can't really see the items very well, and I don't know if anythings over priced, but I'll give my thoughts now.

(From top left to right)

I like the Bitty Baby Nut Cracker outfit, it's cute. The blue holiday dress is sooo cute! I like that. But, I don't really like the grey holiday dress. I think it doesn't look very good on the doll. The white outfit, is hard to see but, I like the boots and tights. It's a lot of white and I'm not crazy about the white puffy jacket. 

(Next middle row, from left to right)

I like the country dress. To me, the boots could look a little more country and then I would love it. But, it's not bad. I lovvve the winter outfit! It's sooo cute! I adore the ear warmers and it looks so cute! Add that to my wish list! The skating outfit is cute, I like blue. But, it's not my favorite outfit by AG. 

(Bottom row, from left to right)

The carriage is a cool idea, American Girl doesn't have anything like it but, I agree with Doll Diaries on this one. It's probably wayyyy over priced! I would sell it for $50 but it's probably going to be over $150. (I'll let you know how much it is when it comes out). Next, the Pink PJ's. I like them and the boots are so cute but, that's a lot of PINK! AG is releasing more pink then they did. Now, the horse. So cute! I love it's white legs that are puffy! That's my favorite kind of horse. What are called again?? lol And the last item is Isabelle's jewelry box. That's just Ehhhh to me.

Well, those are just my opinions and thoughts, and I'll do a updated one when they come out! Bye girls!


P.S Shout out to Lot's of Leah


Doll Diaries Photo Challenge Day 7

Day 7 - Red

Morgan is wearing a red cape in front of some red leaves!

Also, if you girls have a inner star U account, leave your username is the comments so I can add you as a friend! That would be awesome! My username is Morgan2711! :)


P.S Shout out to.... Dolly Dorm Diaries! :)


NEW Blog Button and Photo Challenge Day 5 & 6

Sorry I missed yesterday... I was thinking how I could get a AG raincoat, I don't have anything for that so instead I'm just gonna use a regular jacket.... :)

Day 5 - Raincoat

Day 6 - Hat

(These 2 pictures aren't my best but, I had to hurry!)

And now, sense I still couldn't decide on one blog button, I am going to make it a tie with 2! You can use whichever one is your favorite. :D

That's all! Sorry for not posting that photo story, I'm missing some of the pictures. :((


P.S Shout out to...... Yali's Lovely World!

Hanging out with AG Funtime and AG In Ohio!

Sooo.... My cousin Rayanne (her blog is AGFuntime) and my sister (AGinohio) and I brought all our dolls and clothes together! So here is our group pictures!

If it's Rayanne's Doll I'll write (R) Heidi's is (H) and mine is (M)

From top left to right is Felicity (R), Robin (H),  Kirsten (R), Kit (M), Julie (H), and Kaya (M). From bottom left to right is Josafina (R), Sapphire (R), Samantha (R), Grace (M) and Morgan (M). 

This is so awesome because we don't have any pictures of our dolls together! Now, we made temporary, some boy dolls! We just dressed them as boys and put their hair up in hats. They look like Beanies. lol


P.S Shout out to Doll It Up!!

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