Sorry I haven't blogged, my password got messed up...

I still don't know what happened exactly, only that my password was changed and I couldn't log in to post. Sorry bout that! So I just wanted to say Im back and that I'll begin posting probably again. :)



American Girl NEW Releases + NEW MAG DOLL???

First, thank you Leah for telling me about all the new arrivals! Now, on with the post...

American Girl has made an ADORABLE new My American Girl Doll! Now you wanna see her! She has green eyes, red wavy hair and light skin. Ready to reveal her???

Ta Da! Isn't she adorable??? She looks like Saige! Saige was awesome. She was one of my favorite Girl Of The Years! 

Now on to the new releases!

First up is the outfits!

This one is actually Isabelle's.

Hahahah! So cute!

Next up is the Beauty and Doll Accessories!  

Makeup and Hair kit for dolls! Woah cool!

Braid hair clips!

New colors!

Now it's time for furniture.

A Grill?? So cute!

That's all for now! Stay tuned to see something else cray cray!!!

What's your favorite new American Girl release?


P.S Shout out to AGD Time! I enjoy your blog. :)


AG In Ohio's (Heidi) Sugary

Please pray for my sister Heidi! Yesterday she was grabbing a chair and knocked into a glass cup. The cup broke and sliced the back of her ankle. It was very scary for her and she was terrified! We rushed her to the hospital and the doctor seemed very worried. He called in a specialist and he looked at it and now she has to get sugary. Today is day 2 and Heidi and my mom spent the night at the hospital. My family, grandma, my cousin Rayanne and I are all waiting in the waiting room because she's having sugary right now. Please pray!


P.S. Check out her blog at AGinohio.blogspot.com


I'm taking a break....

Sorry guys that I haven't been posting! Now's not the time to post because I am SUPER busy with my church's VBS (Vacation Bible School) so I can't post for a while...... I will be back probably at the end of June. Just wanted to let you guys know! :)


P.S Shout out to Pretty Lilly an American Girl Doll's Blog! :)

P.P.S Every night at VBS we have a theme, today it's crazy hair night!!!! I'll post a pic!



Please vote for the outfit I sewed for American Girls! Just comment on THIS POST "I vote for entry #3" and your done! I would REALLY be blessed and thankful if you voted for me. :) Thank you everybody!

Here's the outfit I sewed! :)

VOTE VOTE VOTE! (Vote here!)

-Meghan :)

P.P.S My birthday is June 13th!!!! Just sayin.... :D 


Cool and Cute Dolls! New YouTube Channel + Meet Our Chicks!

Hey everybody! Just a shout out to Cool & Cute Dolls new YouTube channel that I'm a part of! We JUST started our channel and I only made 1 video for it! lol But here's a link to the channel! I would be sooooo thrilled if you all subscribed! :) 

 I made this video! :)

 In my title I also wrote Meet Our Chicks! :) You can see the chicks in the video I made but here are some pictures too!

Eleanor is my chick. She's the one laying down. (Her nickname is Ellabell! lol)

These pictures are from last week so they are younger looking. In my video, that's what they look like now. (Sense I made the video yesterday. lol)

Bye everyone! :)


P.S Shout out to Delightfully Dollie! :)


LIVE Chat with Laurence Yep the Auther of The American Girl Isabelle Books

Will anyone be attending the chat??? At first I was like "What? Were, when and how is this??" lol So I emailed American Girl and asked. Here is my question and their response....

My question to AG:

Dear American Girl,

Where are you having the Live Chat with the Author of the Isabelle Books, Laurence Yep? Is it at a American Girl store or online? And does it cost anything? Thank you!
 - Meghan

AG's response:

Dear Meghan,

Thank you for interest in the Live Chat with Laurence Yep.  The chat 
will take place on Facebook Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 8 p.m./7c.  Have 
a registered adult log in to Facebook to enjoy learning how the author 
brought our 2014 Girl of the Year to life! There aren't any fees 
associated with this event.

Thank you for your interest in American Girl!


American Girl Customer Service

So, now I know that it's on FaceBook. This helped a lot! Will any of you go to the Live chat?

Thanks guys!!!

P.S Shout out to That's So Me! By the way, she changed her URL to thatssomebysophia.blogspot.com. :)

Wanna be featured???

Hey guys! So, I'm gonna put in my AG Newsys Magazines a column called "AG Photography  Gallery" and if you wanna get your photo in, email me at Girlydolltype@aol.com with your photo of your doll(s). There are some rules...

1. No human faces in your pictures. I don't mind if it's your body but I don't wanna put your face in it without parent permission.

2. Must be doll related. If you wanna show a spring flower, maybe you could put her hand in it like she's touching the flower.

3. The only information I need for you to send in your photo is your first name (Or nickname) and your website or blog (this is optional, you don't need a website or blog to get your photo in! )

I would like you to send in your photo for the summer magazine soon because I wanna publish it soon. :) Thanks guys!


P.S Shout out to Treasured Friendship with a Flair! Such a sweet person. :)


My Summer Magazine!

Hi everybody! A few of you already know this, but I have another blog (I call it my side blog because I don't really work on it very much, this is my main blog.) called AG Newsys! And I made one issue of my magazine back in Feb. but, I never finished it. So, today I thought that I would get back to creating my magazines because I thought it would be a fun little thing for my dolls to play with. So, I worked on it (For hours!) yesterday, and I'm almost finished! You can't print it yet because I have to finish the other side of it. I'm going to finish it today and I will also create a tutorial on cutting and glueing them out so that the pages line up together. One thing I wanna ask real quick is.... Is it easier to understand a picture tutorial or a video tutorial???? Comment down below which one is easier and I will create my tutorial using what most people voted for.

Here is the first page, I'll make the second page later today.

Thanks guys!


P.S Shout out to Tea Time With Melody Q! Your AWESOME Mel! :)


New Beforever Book Covers by American Girl!

Check this out! American Girl has changed their book covers! This took me a while, but I finally managed to post every one of the new covers AG made for their books! :)

And now, here are the new 3-in-1 books!

And now, here are the new books American Girl just released!

Bits of Glitz!

Puzzel Palooza!

Brain Blenders!

Design by Me! This looks like fun!

Doll Art Studio! This is another favorite!

There is also bitty baby books as well that you can view on the American Girl website linked here!!! 

What do you all think? I think they look awesome! They look so real! 


P.S Shout out to toDOLLy Awesome! What a cute blog!!!

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