My Vacation - Devils Lake & Minnesota

Hi everyone! I decided to take a break from American Girl real quick and post about my vacation I went on!

So, we were going to Minnesota for a wedding which was MANY hours away so to break up the lonnnng drive, we decided to camp out one night at Devils Lake State Park in Wisconsin.  I was really excited to go and told my good blogging friend, Guinea Pig Lover about my trip and she told me that SHE was camping there at the same time! She was staying there for a week but I was only staying one night and it's a big park so I didn't think I'd see her..... (Stay tuned till the end to find out what happened!) Anyways, here are the pictures I took!

This is Chicago that we went through on our way there. Fun fact..... We accidentally went to Chinatown there! LOL! 

This is at Devils Lake. 

One of the views from a long and exhausting hike I went on!

Another beautiful and breath taking view!

Yep... We were pretty high up!

My older sister. (I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. I went on this trip with only my two older sisters and my mom. The little ones stayed with my cousins)

This awesome cave thing. I don't think it went far back.

Sitten' on the ledge! lol

I spy my finger in the bottom corner... Oops.

I Instagramed this one. ;)

This photo features the guy in the corner. Haha!

My sister and I.

My mom took this candid photo of me.


Me in front of The Balanced Rock. This is a very popular feature of Devils Lake.

Me and my sisters.


And this is from the next couple days at a wedding we went to in Minnesota.

Now, I told you I would tell you wether I saw Guinea Pig Lover.......

I did! My family and I where taking a break on top of the bluffs (Because it was hot and we needed to rest. Because we had no water... )  when she walked by. She waved but I didn't see that.... Then later she walked back the other way and I saw her wave! So I waved back but she didn't see...... Lol, but we talked about it afterwords and it was so awesome to meet one of my blogging friends! Which I never thought would happen.

That's all for now!


P.S Shout out to A Doll's Life!


My Thoughts On "Truly Me"

Welp. I just spent a lot of time watching videos and posts of AG lovers thoughts on American Girl's new line "Truly Me''. I feel like American Girl is always changing things! And I really liked the My American Girls and Innerstar U! I was wondering wether they still had Innerstar U's website up so I logged in today and I got I email from them saying:

Yeah, they are getting rid of the Innerstar U world on their website. That's kind of disappointing, I mean I hardly ever went on Innerstar U but it's depressing that they are just deleting it Nov. 5th. :(

Anyways, let's move on to the dolls. They came out with 3 new dolls....

She looks like Morgan! I honestly don't really see how she is new. :/

She's cute. Her brown eyes look like a new color. 

She is cute too..... But all three look generic and none of them really stand out.

Now let us talk about the new Meet Outfits. I prefer MAG's Meet Outfits over these ones and I wasn't a huge fan on theirs either. I don't like the high and wide neck line and I feel like the blue shoes are kind of random. I do like how it's a dress though.
Also, they come with these little books I think they are. AG said about these "Each Truly Me doll includes the super–fun Truly Me activity, which features dozens of idea cards for imaginative doll play and do–together crafts, recipes, and quizzes, plus advice on friendship, self–confidence, and more." I think this is really cool!

Also I made two collages of my favorite and lease favorite new clothes...

What are your thoughts? I'm really curious! Tell me in the comments! :)


P.S Shout out to Note + Rain! I love your blog, girl!

Oh My Dollies AG Doll Giveaway!

Hey everyone! In honor of Oh My Dollies 1 Year Blogoversary, she is having an incredible giveaway! She will be giving away the beautiful and RETIRED Felicity! So check out her blog HERE to see the rules and enter!

(Photo belongs to Oh My Dollies!)




Photoshoot at the Park!

Hey guys! Yesterday I went to a park in our neighborhood and I decided to do a photo shoot because of the beautiful weather. So enjoy!!! :)

My favorite!!

We HAD to do a selfie ;)

I didn't try to take this photo I accendentally took it! lol It turned out cool!

What do you guys think??? 

Talk to ya soon!


P.S Shout out to.... My World!!

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