My Thoughts On "Truly Me"

Welp. I just spent a lot of time watching videos and posts of AG lovers thoughts on American Girl's new line "Truly Me''. I feel like American Girl is always changing things! And I really liked the My American Girls and Innerstar U! I was wondering wether they still had Innerstar U's website up so I logged in today and I got I email from them saying:

Yeah, they are getting rid of the Innerstar U world on their website. That's kind of disappointing, I mean I hardly ever went on Innerstar U but it's depressing that they are just deleting it Nov. 5th. :(

Anyways, let's move on to the dolls. They came out with 3 new dolls....

She looks like Morgan! I honestly don't really see how she is new. :/

She's cute. Her brown eyes look like a new color. 

She is cute too..... But all three look generic and none of them really stand out.

Now let us talk about the new Meet Outfits. I prefer MAG's Meet Outfits over these ones and I wasn't a huge fan on theirs either. I don't like the high and wide neck line and I feel like the blue shoes are kind of random. I do like how it's a dress though.
Also, they come with these little books I think they are. AG said about these "Each Truly Me doll includes the super–fun Truly Me activity, which features dozens of idea cards for imaginative doll play and do–together crafts, recipes, and quizzes, plus advice on friendship, self–confidence, and more." I think this is really cool!

Also I made two collages of my favorite and lease favorite new clothes...

What are your thoughts? I'm really curious! Tell me in the comments! :)


P.S Shout out to Note + Rain! I love your blog, girl!

Oh My Dollies AG Doll Giveaway!

Hey everyone! In honor of Oh My Dollies 1 Year Blogoversary, she is having an incredible giveaway! She will be giving away the beautiful and RETIRED Felicity! So check out her blog HERE to see the rules and enter!

(Photo belongs to Oh My Dollies!)




Photoshoot at the Park!

Hey guys! Yesterday I went to a park in our neighborhood and I decided to do a photo shoot because of the beautiful weather. So enjoy!!! :)

My favorite!!

We HAD to do a selfie ;)

I didn't try to take this photo I accendentally took it! lol It turned out cool!

What do you guys think??? 

Talk to ya soon!


P.S Shout out to.... My World!!


Sorry guys :(

I've just abandoned this blog, you guys, and my American Girl dolls. I haven't touched them in a while. I don't know if it's a faze (Is that how you spell faze? Idk....) or what but I haven't posted a decent post in quite a while. I've really into YouTube right now, and with things in my life and such, I just haven't been blogging. I really feel awful about it all. I honestly do. I am so blessed to have such amazing blogging friends and followers like you guys and I honestly love you guys! <3 actually="" again="" blogging="" but="" hope="" i="" p="" see......="" start="" summer="" this="" to="" we="" will="">

So yeah, I just wanted to post this quick and rather boring post to explain that with you. 

Thank you for all the love that I've had over the years of blogging, you and your blogs are amazing and today I want to take some time to read and comment on your fabulous posts! ;)

With love,



An Award....

Man, I really haven't been keeping up with this blog. I'm so sorry guys. So I don't know why I was awarded by Allie D. over at Spreading My Joy. But thank you so much :)

I'll do the award but I also want to post more on this blog. I hope to post more when summer comes! Yay! Can you believe spring is finally here? 

So let's start this thing!

1. Choose 3+ bloggers you love and agree that they are amazing bloggers!
2. Ask them 3+ questions
3. Post on your blog
1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I'm defiantly a quiet introvert. But I do have a wild side ;)

2. Do you enjoy board games or card games? If so, what is your favorite?
Board games. But I like verbal or action games.

3. Do you look more like your mom or dad? Or are you a mix between both?
Out of all my siblings I mostly look like my dad. 

4. Ice cream or cake?
Ice Cream. It's not too dry like cake it's just so refreshing!

5. Dogs or cats?
I love both so much but I like dogs better because they actually look like they are interested in what your saying to them. XD 

6. What do you prefer-hamsters, gerbils, or birds?
Hmmm. FISH! lol I'm not to fond of pet birds because they are noisy and gerbils and hamsters are messy.

7. If you could live anywhere...where would you live?
In the U.S.A I would say.... Georgia or Texas (I've never been to either!) but out of the U.S.A I would say Australia but France would be amazing too! 

8. Pink or purple?
Purple, but I like Blue best!

9. Photography or music? (you can choose both! :))
I love both but I can't imagine where I'd be without music so I'll go with that.

10. Have you or do you have braces?
Actually I do have braces! I got them in Nov., if anyone has any questions about them, you can ask me in the comments! :)

Again, thank you Allie D. for nominating me! That's very sweet. :) So I nominate...

- http://mydolldays.blogspot.com/







Your questions are:

1. What is your dream job?
2. If you won the lottery what would you do?
3. What's something you look for in a friend?
4. Sequins or Glitter?
5. If you had to dye your hair to a crazy color, what color would it be and why?
6. What's your favorite thing about blogging?
7. What's your favorite song OF ALL TIME?
8. What is something about yourself that no one would ever guess?

Have fun guys! Seeya!


P.S Shout out to The Realm of AG!


Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day everybody! I love you all and if you aren't wearing green then I send you a virtual pinch! ;) Actually, I'm not wearing green either so...... lol

By the way, I'm so sorry for not posting for over a month! I don't have a huge reason it's (Just like Guinea Pig Lover said) just life. :/ I'm gonna try to post more often. I love you guys!!! 


P.S Shout out to Polka Dot Bee! :D 


An Old Doll...

We have a closet in our homeschool room that is full of art supplies. But, when my sister was taking out some gift bags behind them she discovered a doll! I knew we had an old doll in our basement who was cracked. She was Shirley Temple and my Great Aunt Mary had made her. But this doll I've never seen before! Or at least remember seeing. She is BEAUTIFUL and 100% handmade! My Aunt Mary is amazing, I wish I could have met her before she past away before I was even born. But, here is the doll....

She is so pretty! A lot of times old dolls look creepy but I really like her!

Side profile.

Her mouth is literally a hole! And have I mentioned her deep blue eyes? 

She looks like an American Girl doll a little bit.

And her hair isn't really messed up it's just a little frizzy.

Next time, I'll show you guys Shirley Temple! She is adorable!


P.S Shout out to Ginger's Toy Chest!


'Caroline Braves the Snow' Photo Shoot + I'm doing a Q and A!!!!

Caroline is our newest AG doll and I don't think I've done a Photo Shoot with her yet! But, I was hesitant because we just got a TON of snow and I didn't want to bury her! But I shoveled a path around our yard for my dog so I figured I could do it in the paths! lol

I wish I didn't get my neighbors garage in the picture. I gotta watch out for that next time! ;)

 Beautiful doll!

This is one of my favorites!

Black and White looks so gorgeous!

She's not even in the snow all the way, believe me when I saw it's deep!

So cool!

I love her curls!! :D

I put a filter on this one. 

I had a lot of fun taking her pictures. :)


P.S Shout out to a collab blog that they just started called Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls! It's such a darling blog so go take a look! But first....

I am doing a Q&A for my American Girl Doll YouTube Channel so if you have any questions for me, comment down below!!! :) I'll post the video on my blog when I'm done! ;) Thanks guys! Love you!!

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