New News! American Girl is adding a ton of Historical Items (Including IVY!) To Their Achieve!!!!

Living A Doll's Life has reported that AG is endangering some of the Historical American Girl items! Check out her POST HERE to read all about it. She shared more news then I am.

 Here is the list of things that are leaving:

Addy: Accessories, Blue Dress, Christmas Dress, Hairstyling Set, Shoes/Socks Set, Winter Coat.

Birthday Dress, Hairstyling Set, Party Set, Table and Chairs, Travel Basket

Ivy : ALL

Accessories, Feast Outfit, Heirlooms, Table and Chairs.

Julie: Accessories, Birthday Goodies, Calico Dress, Floral Jumpsuit, Hairstyling Set, Holiday Dress, Skates, Swim Set.

Kaya: Kaya's Doll and Cradleboard, Dog, Tatlo & Gear (could be revised), Jingle Dress of Today

Kit: Accessories, Birthday Dress, Floral Dress, Reporter Dress, Reporter Set, Summer Dress.

Nola: ALL

Accessories, Costume Chest (low store stock), Hairstyling Set, School Outfit Set, School Play Set, Settee.
I'm very upset! I don't like this at all! I really wanted to get Kaya's dog someday and to know that he is retiring is very sad! Again, Living A Doll's Life has more to say so check out her blog!


P.S Shout out to The Abbott Doll Family!


My American Girl Videos I Made

So most of you probably know that I have a AG YouTube account. Our channel name is Royal  Wilderness (subscribe!) and I thought that I would show you guys some of my work! FIY, I share this channel with my little sister too.

My videos:

That's it! :) By the way guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while, and my posts are, well, lame. I am planning a giveaway/contest and I am also making a huge AG movie so it's hard to squeeze in blogging right now. I'll get back to it!


P.S Shout out to Linny Rose!

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Vote for Me!!! :)

Hello AG Fans,
  Please, please vote for my entry at The Doll Wardrobe!!!! It would mean SO MUCH! Just comment on THIS POST and comment "I vote for entry #20" Thank you guys SO much! You guys are amazing! Thank you!



My entry for The Doll Wardrobe

This is my picture for The Doll Wardrobe's photo contest. The theme was Dream Land. This is what I made! :)

(Please don't steal my picture for anything)

This was REALLY hard to make because I had to make my lightings and my green screen. I used my green sleeping bag for the backdrop then I created this magical background on a free photo editing web site called Picmonkey.com. I used a white Our Generation horse and added the galaxy affect to it. My other affects that I included is the purple butterfly, sparkles, the wings (I used a butterfly affect and made it bigger and a little see-through. Then I added tree branches to create lines on the wings to make it look more realistic) and the flowers. My story to this is Julie is in her dream world with fairies. (My American Girl #30 a.k.a. Morgan is on of the millions of fairies that live here) Julie is so happy to be in her Dream Land!

SO that's my entry! Let me know in the comments if you entered as well! :D


P.S Shout out to Oh My Dollies!! :D


American Girl Cook-Off (Part 2)

(You can find Part 1 HERE)

Next up is Julie's Tarte Tatin!

The judges all took a bite....

A great score! Let's see if Kit's Sparkle Spaghetti can top that!

All the judges seemed to enjoy it very much.

Now it's time to announce the winner!

And the American Girl Doll who wins is...............


Kit came in second and Morgan came in third.

Good job Contestants! 

Comment below which food looks the most yummy to you!


P.S Shout out to Fun with AG Fan!

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The AMERICAN GIRL Cook Off (Photo Story Part 1)

Are you ready for a hot and sizzling challenge to find the BEST American Girl Chef. Our contestants are....

Morgan Jefferson

Kit Kittredge

Julie Albright

And now, meet our Judges.....

Grace, Kaya and Victoria!





GO!!!!!" They cried! Just then, all the contestants hurried to cook 3 amazing meals! 

Rush, rush RUSH!

"I am mixing my dough to make my special Tarte Tatin. With a secret ingredient!" Said Julie.

"I'm making a Hot Dog with Cheese, Ketchup and Mustard in the middle!" Explained Morgan.

"I am making Sparkle Spaghetti." Said Kit.

"Time's UP! Stop cooking and bring your meals! Up first is Morgan!" Said one of the Judges.

"I made a Hot Dog with Cheese, Ketchup and Mustard inside the hotdog. Enjoy!" Announced Morgan in her usual bubbly way. 

"Ok." Said one of the Judges.

"Yummmmm!" Said Kaya.

"Eeeeeeh!" Exclaimed Grace.

Next the Judges reveled their scores. 

A 4, 6 and 8! Not bad but not great!

Stay tuned to find out how the other contestants done. Part 2 coming this Monday! :) 


P.S Shout out to my favorite AG doll blog of ALL time.......


Sorry I haven't blogged, my password got messed up...

I still don't know what happened exactly, only that my password was changed and I couldn't log in to post. Sorry bout that! So I just wanted to say Im back and that I'll begin posting probably again. :)



American Girl NEW Releases + NEW MAG DOLL???

First, thank you Leah for telling me about all the new arrivals! Now, on with the post...

American Girl has made an ADORABLE new My American Girl Doll! Now you wanna see her! She has green eyes, red wavy hair and light skin. Ready to reveal her???

Ta Da! Isn't she adorable??? She looks like Saige! Saige was awesome. She was one of my favorite Girl Of The Years! 

Now on to the new releases!

First up is the outfits!

This one is actually Isabelle's.

Hahahah! So cute!

Next up is the Beauty and Doll Accessories!  

Makeup and Hair kit for dolls! Woah cool!

Braid hair clips!

New colors!

Now it's time for furniture.

A Grill?? So cute!

That's all for now! Stay tuned to see something else cray cray!!!

What's your favorite new American Girl release?


P.S Shout out to AGD Time! I enjoy your blog. :)

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